Case Study

Built to Contain Excessive Gas Expansion

Globe offers oil and gas fabrication services including the fabrication of custom piping systems and vessels for the upstream and downstream processing segments. This carbon steel slug catcher was manufactured for a customer in the natural gas industry. The large 60′ slug catcher is 60″ in diameter with a 1-5/8″ wall thickness. It is used to buffer the gas liquid stream in the pipeline when excessive gas expansion occurs. The vessel was welded using sub arc and flux core welding techniques in accordance with all ASME  pipeline welding specifications. All fabrication and welding was performed with dimensional tolerances of ±1/16″.

Slug Catcher
Length 60 FT
Slug Catcher
Diameter 60 IN

Built, Tested, & Inspected All Within 45 Days

The slug catcher was treated with a post weld heat treatment and primer. It was then painted with a corrosion resistant epoxy coating. All seams and joints were visually inspected and welds were verified with radiographic inspection. The finished slug catcher was hydrostatic tested to customer specifications. This entire project was completed in 45 days. We understand that customers encounter rush situations and we can often meet tight timelines on custom projects. For more information about this oil and gas fabrication project, see the table below or contact us directly.

Project Details

Custom Fabrication Capabilities Applied/Processes Primary: Sub Arc Welding, Flex Core Welding - Secondary: Post Weld Heat Treatment, Primed and Painted
Overall Part Dimensions 60' Length, 60" Diameter, 1-5/8" Wall Thickness
Tightest Tolerances ± 1/16"
Material Used Carbon Steel
Material Finish Epoxy Painted
In Process Testing/Inspection Performed 100% Visual Inspection, Radiographic Inspection of Welds, Hydrostatic Testing
Industry for Use Natural Gas
Delivery/Turnaround Time 45 Days
Delivery Location West Virginia
Standards Met Customer Specifications, ASME, API 1104
Product Name Slug Catchers
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