Case Study

An Exciting New Challenge for the Globe LLC Team

A tight schedule, a thousand-mile trip, and a seriously heavy haul: this project had all the makings for a truly exciting challenge! Here are the details: a midstream energy company approached us to see if we could deliver 80+ trucks worth of pipe fabrication from our Indiana facility to their destination in Colorado.

But that’s not all!

This assignment also had to be completed in just 14 weeks in order for our customer to complete construction of a cryogenic gas processing plant on time. Fortunately, our team was more than ready to accept the challenge. So, with that, the latest Globe project was underway!

X-ray Inspection 100%
Magnetic Testing 100% PMI

Materials & Finishes

The materials selected for this project were as diverse as they were durable. Some of the primary ones chosen by our customer included:

Of course, the selected materials had to be complemented by the proper coatings and finishes. With that in mind, our customer decided on the following:

Project Overview
Delivery / Project Location Colorado
Industry Cryogenic Gas Processing Plant
Turnaround Time 14 Weeks
In-process Testing Performed 100% Magnetic & PMI Testing
Standards Met ASME B31.3, B31.4 & B.31.8
Spool Diameter Range ½” – 24”
Wall Thickness Range Schedule 10 – Schedule 80