Case Study

Quick Turnaround Pipe Fabrication Services

In 2017, an international engineering company referred a prominent New Jersey-based petrochemical refinery to Globe LLC. The refinery had been searching for a custom pipe fabricator who could facilitate their day-to-day operations, all the while resulting in less downtime, less error, and more profitability.

The refinery’s contractors ended up being so impressed with our performance that we became their go-to provider for quick turnaround pipe spool fabrication services. Now, our frequent hauls to their facility consist of at least 2-3 truckloads full of pipe spool materials per shipment, each containing around 20 carbon steel pipes.

Quality Assurance from 700+ Miles Away

You may be wondering: why would a petrochemical refinery in New Jersey choose a pipe spool fabrication shop that’s located 700+ miles away? The short answer: the quality assurance.

The long answer?

Because when they have their piping fabrication services completed by Globe, they know that all of their pipe spools will be thoroughly hydrotested and custom-painted before shipment. This allows them to quickly offload their spools upon arrival and get them into service immediately – and that’s a great asset when there’s always another deadline right around the corner.

Project Overview
Material A106B Carbon Steel
Finish Thermal Spray Aluminum & Zinc Epoxy Polyurethane
Turnaround Time 3 Weeks
Delivery Location New Jersey
Code B31.3
Visual Inspection 100%
Magnetic Testing 5%
X-Ray Inspection 5%
Pipe Diameter ½” – 8”
Pipe Wall Thickness .375” to .500“
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